ARE YOU LOST ?? Looking for something new?

In a time where Rock and Roll is staring to sound like it's all coming from the same garage, L.I.D ( Lost In Detroit)  dare's to take you down a different road. With each member OF L.I.D coming from different musical BACKGROUNDS, THEY FIT TOGETHER perfectly! EACH MEMBER Allowing THEIR INDIVIDUAL style to show, but not showcase ONE ANOTHER AND TO not always follow the same path.

Singer Kelly brings the intensity of Punk, Drummer Mike's energy of Metal ,bass player Kevin's Alternative and Industrial rhythm's and Guitar player Lance, bring's THE PERFECT mixture OF METAL and blues.

In just under 2 years L.I.D  recorded Their First EP and continue to add fresh songs for the upcoming album, which will be recorded "Live"!! 


L.I.D'S live show is Electrifying!!

Follow me, I'm LOST....

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